Corporate Memberships in Quincy, MA

A corporate membership with Blue Hills Fitness will be a powerful tool in your company’s current employees benefit package!

Employees who exercise three or four times per week have a better state of physical and mental wellness. For those interested in keeping their team happy, healthy and productive, building a relationship with Blue Hills Fitness is a partnership that will provide results. We’re committed to delivering the fitness results your employees need to achieve the business results that you demand!

Some of the benefits of health and wellness for you and your employees include:

  • reduced employee absenteeism.
  • an increase in productivity.
  • a reduction in employee turnover and medical claims.
  • an increase in employee satisfaction and company morale.
  • a fit employee means a highly productive individual.
  • a group of fit employees means a highly productive team!

We are interested in listening to your needs and can provide a customized membership solution to benefit you and your employees.

Flexible options include:

Corporate rate/employee pays: no upfront cost to your business, and yet it will be clear to your employees that your investing in them when you offer a special company rate for them to benefit.

Corporate contribution: Company will pay on behalf of the employees for some or all of the membership fees.

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